Domain Agents and Agency profile pages


To create responsive profile pages for agents and agencies with tiers for standard, gold and platinum.

It was highlighted that the agents and their agencies didn’t have a space to land on within Domain that would showcase their properties and profiles.

This was to be a profile page for the agents and another one for the agencies. They had to be responsive and have value to each tier of subscription (standard, gold and platinum) giving value to the higher tiers.

To give value not only did we make the higher tiers more visually appealing they also have more content and more valued content.

Agent tiered responsive profile pages

Agency tiered profile responsive pages

The pages went live on Jan 2018 vs the same period the previous year:

  • 34% YOY growth in weekly avg users
  • 25% YOY growth in weekly avg page views

The new designs played an important part in reinforcing the value of our Platinum listing product, with clients on Platinum contracts getting exclusive free access to the new premium agent and agency profile templates.